About US


Growing up in the Midwest and raised by parents with a strong work ethic I had no choice but to maintain those same qualities.  I worked for a large cabinet manufacturing company, mainly in electrical maintenance for over 20 years.  All the while impressed with the technology surrounding me.  I had said at one time that I would like to run a CNC machine, never imagining that I would actually build my own. 


 Shortly after my Dad retired from John Deere, he underwent triple bypass surgery.  There was a long recovery period after that and with the encouragement from my Uncle Ray, Dad took up scroll sawing as it was about all that he was allowed to do.  I never knew that my Dad had that much patience to do that kind of work.  At 87, he is still turning out some very nice projects.  Dad's scroll work, combined with my interest in technology peaked my interest in finding an 'easier' way to create such projects. 


My wife and I moved to northern Minnesota in 2009.  It was a dream come true for me after spending every summer vacationing here and even spending our honeymoon here.  It didn't take long to figure out that the winters are long here and you can't fish every minute.  So I started searching the internet and it wasn't long before I built my first cnc machine.  It wasn't much, but it allowed me to figure out what it takes to make something.   I have since built another larger, more rigid machine and also have a small diode laser.  


I have made some mistakes along the way and have made some really good new friends.  I am excited to see where this takes me!  Wish me luck.