Walker display

It’s been awhile…

It’s been almost a year since I have updated anything on the website.  We even had another grandson since our last post, making two for 2021!  I say this every year, but I truly hope to be better at this.

We had a pretty good 2021.  We have some of our products in a consignment shop (Art & Antique Mall of Walker) located in Walker, MN.  Summer months were better than the winter months have been, obviously with more traffic then.  We strive to continue to add new products to our line and this opportunity allows us to see what people are interested in.  Hope to have a strong 2022 here.  Stop in to check out my display.

We also have been busy with new customers as well as continued orders from friends and family.  We thank you all for your support in this unprecedented time.

Below are a few of my latest items.

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